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Why SEO?

Are you searching for a Scranton SEO company? Wondering why one is so important? Search engine traffic is one of the easiest traffic channels to convert, which means a lot more business, and a much bigger return on investment. Before making any big decision, what do most people do? They check Google. You want your result to appear near the top of the page–not your competitors. There are still plenty of Scranton companies who aren’t taking advantage of SEO while others take in all of that sweet search traffic and grow their company, leaving competitors in the dust.

Where your company gets seen on Google search results could mean X2, X3, and more business. Where do you want to be in a few months from now? In a few years from now? Do you want to be the one appearing at the top of the results when someone searches in your niche or do you want to be left in search engine obscurity? We can help make your search engine success happen!

Can’t I do it myself?

Sure, but it takes a lot of time to learn, and you probably want to focus on other aspects of your business. Real SEO ( for example: building backlinks, creating awesome content, and monitoring keywords) can be a full time job!

There are common mistakes that new SEOs make. They think that they’ve got a handle on SEO and run into the same problems. It’s not as simple as placing the keyword into the text. Those days are long over. Search engines are much smarter now. Which means you need a smart SEO on top of his game that has taken the time to understand the best practices to get your site seen. You can learn how, but it’s going to take time and a lot of trial and error. Or, you could go with us. Either way is cool. We just want you to succeed.

Can you get me on rank 1 in a few days?

Anyone telling you something like this is trying to sell you a scam. They make all other SEOs look bad. It takes time for Google to analyze your site and bring it up in the rankings. These bad SEOs might be using black-hat tactics that will get your site penalized by Google and then you’ll be stuck in an even worse position. Why not make your ranking at the top of the page solid without fear of one day suffering a huge drop off? Hire a real SEO and get real results.

All of Basking Rock’s Scranton SEO services are 100% white-hat, following Google’s best practices. Companies that use these quick tactics are here today, gone tomorrow. Search engines are much smarter than they were 10 years ago anyway, and they’re going to only get smarter.

For reference, we follow Google’s SEO guidelines here. Who better to tell you how to hire an SEO than Google?

Why don’t I use paid ads and not SEO?

This is true. You can also spend a lot of money right away and see poor results from paid ads. The truth is, search engines aren’t going away. They will be constant source of growth for your company if you position yourself right. Think of SEO not as a cost, but as an investment. Good SEO will often pay for itself many times over.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t try paid ads as well. But any company who wants to grow in their space will definitely have a strategy on how they can leverage search engines to bring in a massive amount of new traffic for amazing ROI.

How do you rank my site?

We take a multi-faceted approach. This is a sample plan on how we can help. Basking Rock will analyze your website. We’ll look at what you can do on the pages to help search engines find you better. In the report, we’ll look at your linking profile. How many links to do you have and how good are the links that people are sending to your website? This is a major factor in SEO!

We’ll also look at your local SEO if you are in need of that. We’ll help your company appear in local search and we’ll help you build out that profile. There are many more intricacies that come into play. If you have any other suggestions on how we could help as well, send them our way too.

Why Basking Rock for Scranton SEO?

You want to hire an SEO team that you can trust, and one that you know is committed to being on top of their game. We love SEO here. We’re also marketers with very specialized skill sets. SEO nowadays needs a Swiss-army knife approach, and we’re one damn good Swiss army knife. You need to be good at analytics, content creation, PR, and more to do well at SEO. We cover all of the bases, and we’re here every step of the way to assist you.

We’re not a huge company with thousands of clients. We’re just the right size where we can focus on you and give you the results you deserve. Each client that we have is a special partnership. Any success or failures that happen reflect on us, and to us, reputation is everything. Our founder John is also from Scranton, so you can rest assured that this isn’t just a page we copy and pasted and inserted “Scranton” into the title, just to fool you.

Any more Scranton SEO questions? Send them our way.

“I called Basking Rock because my website traffic was stagnating and I was underperforming in search results. Basking Rock put together a straightforward and well thought out SEO plan. He gave us clear and detailed information about the site and provided great insights into where the site needs improvement. John from Basking Rock is an SEO pro and I highly recommend his services.”Scott B. (

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