Facebook & Instagram Marketing Success
with Basking Rock

Ask anyone who has started their own Facebook or Instagram ad campaign – they’re tricky. The results that they hear touted, like x10 increase in customers and cost per click lower than $.20 sound like pie in the sky dreams.

Let Basking Rock help you achieve success with Facebook & Instagram ads. Save time and resources, and super charge your growth when you partner with us.

We’ll create strong copy based on a highly focused segment, optimize & monitor ads, and keep pushing for higher success when you partner with us. A succesful campaign will go through many iterations, and always be evolving so you can get the best return on investment.

Our Process

Deep Customer Research + Conversion Copy

We take a deep look at your ideal audience (their likes, dislikes, demographics, and more), then create a compelling ad that drives them to your website.

Optimization for the Greatest Return

We keep in contact and optimize each campaign often so you’re sure to get the best return on investment. Because Facebook marketing is so fluid, it’s essential for someone to be watching each campaign closely.

Scaling for Growth

Once the ads are performing, we continue to scale and run through even more iterations that will bring in new customers and help you achieve the next stage of growth.

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